Wrestling Needs More Fans!

Our goal is to increase wrestling’s fan base and build a registry of all wrestling fans across the nation. We want to make sure that amateur wrestling stays in the Olympics and remains popular for years to come!

We want to find 1 million wrestling fans in 2014, but in order to do so, we need your help. Please consider reaching out to your friends, co-workers and all the people who you know that have an affinity to wrestling.  We have 3-5 years to grow our base of fans or else we are out of the Olympics.

  • If you can get 10 people to join you will receive a Be A Fan T-Shirt.
  • If you get 25 people to join the Registry you earn an Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt with the National Registry logo embroidered over the heart.
  • If you can secure 100 you will earn an Asics National USA Wrestling Team Zippered Jacket with NR4W logo on the shoulder.
  • Create your own unique promo code when you register below and tell your friends to use it when they register!W e will be tallying all the referrals in the near future, and will send you t-shirts and other apparel, depending on the number of people referred.
  • If you have already registered as a fan before the referral program started, please email us at and let us know what promo code you’d like to use, and we can add it to your registration information in our database.
  • Click here to see a full list of registrants or to keep track of your referrals (search for your promo code to see how many people used it while signing up).

This effort cannot be done by a few people. We literally need thousands of volunteers to do their share to reach our goal of a million fans.  Once we get a million, there will be financial opportunities for wrestling to grow through television and marketing/promotional programs.  If not we will be on defense.

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