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In the wake of International Wrestling nearly losing its spot in the Olympic Games, we learned that there are between 6-8 million people who have wrestling in their backgrounds alive today. The NR4W’s goal is to build a list of 1 million of them.

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The 2014 Wrestling World Championships are less than a month away, and the NR4W is holding a prediction contest to see who can best determine the outcome for the American wrestlers. Your task is to predict whether each member of […]

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If you haven’t met Jim Brown of Iowa, you should definitely befriend him and follow his endeavors on Facebook. Jim has been a standout member of the wrestling community, and has created and supported many organizations to help grow the […]

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A couple weeks ago, the US Embassy published an article on how the American and Iranian governments came together to support the sport of wrestling through the 2012 Rumble on the Rails event — a dual meet between the USA […]

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While soccer isn’t the most popular professional sport in the USA, the World Cup has drawn the attention of the American media and fans. And that even includes many wrestling fans. One of wrestling’s premier journalists, TheOpenMat.com’s Jason Bryant, discusses […]

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  • Top Referrers as of 7/11/14

    1. Matt Moos/OH - 244
    2. Brian Meyers/NC - 161
    3. Jim Pickard/IN - 105
    4. Nate Krepp/ND - 101
    5. Michelle Walters/PA - 84
    6. Mike Caracci/IL - 74
    7. AAU Wrestling - 60
    8. Eric Phipps/VA - 49
    9. Casey Frey/WI - 45
    10 (tie). Michael Rinyu/FL - 44
    10 (tie). Jerry Middleton/MO - 44
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